the corporate philosophy

The three design maxims are colour, shape and funcitonality. We decided to complement those aspects with another very important factor: fairness. It is our personal desire to respect all the people, the animals and the environment involved in our designs and products.


Flachs Engel und Bengel aus Farben die uns die Natur schenkt.

Waldegg – the colour world

Our Waldegg colour world renouces fashionable trends conciously and rather calls the beautiful, orignial and natural colours to mind.


Exklusive Tasche fürs Studium

Milky Study Bag – perfectly shaped.

Hand made, well shaped bags made out of sustainable raw materials are perfect companions in function and style. The material and the fabrication is 100% done in Austria and the EU.   


We developed our designs – away from the “single- use mentality” towards a “sustainable reuse conciousness” – that means we create meaningful designs with the highest quality.

Now that we presented the 3 design maxims to you: colour, shape and functionality we will come to the fourth very important aspect:


  • to our environment while selecting the material – ecologically and economically consious,
  • to the value of handcraft in the production and manufacturing
  • to our constumers

those are the essential  characteristics that distinguish us from other bag producers.

“Fair manufactured products are not cheap, they are worth it. Because we take the responsibility – as human beeings and as entrepreneurs.”

We are following our princples: to live sustainability and to bring the appropriate value to it.

  • In the dealings with our partners,
  • with fairness to our environment when choosing the materials we work with and
  • with ethically acceptable production conditons

We are not working with sweatshops in Asia. We only cooperate with certified sewing departments.

Our bags are a product of Austrian handwork and no short-term consumer item.