Waldegg bag-shop

Bags Accompany us for a Lifetime.

The Taschenfabrikantin realises exclusive and innovative bag creations in retro-design in her Waldegg – collection, as well as a design oriented Natural Bag-collection, made of upcycling materials. Both collections are brands of ROSSI-Taschen.

exclusive & timeless

Tradition combined with style and love for craftsmanship:
This is our basis for exclusive Waldegg bags –
faithful companions for many years.

Our promise is noticeable
in design, processing and finishing
innovative natural and upcycling materials..

innovative & practical

As an Austrian family business
we focus on
design, sustainability and quality.

We create functionally sophisticated and high-quality bag models,
that communicate affection, sensitivity and individuality.

We have prepared a selection of our bag models for you!

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